Meal Planning

How to begin your journey to better health:

1. Download the consultation form (save the file)
2. Fill out the form as best you can
3. Email it to consultations[at]rootsupnutrition[dot]com

You will then receive a confirmation email along with a Paypal link for payment.

Weekly meal planning is a valuable tool for anyone who is working with a modified diet plan, for large families, single professionals who desire healthy and nutritious meal options, or individuals wanting the most nutritious meals to enhance their health.

We offer meal plans for those who need guidance or are wishing to get their eating habits back on track, as well as modified meal plans for those who require attention to specific needs.

Examples of specialized meal plans include:

  • Candida/sugar-free: Emphasis is on elimination of sugar and sugar containing foods, while increasing intake of vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and low sugar fruits. We also focus  on increasing natural anti-fungal foods.
  • Wheat/gluten free: We help to eliminate gluten from the diet while introducing grains and seeds that are naturally gluten-free, incorporating gluten-free pasta and breads and provide you with useful recipes to help along the way. We focus on education of items which are marketed as ‘gluten-free’ that often contain many chemicals, and when to stay away from these products.
  • Vegan/vegetarian: Emphasis is on vegan, non-dairy, meatless meals and supplement information. We are able to educate about the pros and cons of vegan and vegetarian eating, along with great recipes to support both.
  • Raw food: Learn how to introduce more raw foods into your daily meals, along with dehydrated foods, raw food enzymes, raw meals and recipes. Learn about superfoods, smoothies and juicing, as well as supplementation and food safety.
  • By condition (ex: allergies, anxiety, etc.): We are able to teach about foods which are beneficial for special health conditions, how to add more foods, herbs and supplements to allow your body to heal itself as well as eliminate foods which may be aggravating. 

We take into consideration likes and dislikes, as well as health goals. This is a great way to explore new foods and tastes.

Price: $75*


* Plus applicable taxes in Canada.
Nutritional supplements are an extra charge and are billed separately.