How to begin your journey to better health:

1. Download the consultation form (save the file)
2. Fill out the form as best you can
3. Email it to consultations[at]rootsupnutrition[dot]com

You will then receive a confirmation email along with a Paypal link for payment.

A good wholesome balanced diet is essential for optimal health. Life in today’s society is demanding and fast paced and increased stressors place higher nutritional demands on the body. Correct nutrition enhances immunity, prevents chronic disease and increases wellbeing and longevity.

Natural holistic nutrition teaches how to heal yourself and prevent illness with nutritious whole foods. Vitamin and mineral supplementation is important nowadays due to the modern Western diet which is full of highly processed and refined foods. These foods tend to be high in empty calories, are packed with sugars and artificial additives, and lack the important nutritional ingredients that are vital to good health. Learn the right balance of foods for your metabolism.

Initial Consultation:
Based on your individual needs and the information provided in your questionnaire, we will recommend specific guidelines to reach your wellness goals.  This may include dietary changes which may be hindering you from achieving optimal health, along with recommended dietary supplements, recipe and meal ideas, and lifestyle recommendations.

Price: $105*

Follow-up Consultation:
If you need a follow-up consultation to go through any further health concerns or you would like additional guidance, please book a follow-up consultation through our contact page.  This is only offered to those that are already existing clients.

Price: $70*


* Plus applicable taxes in Canada.
Nutritional supplements are an extra charge and are billed separately.