Weight Management

How to begin your journey to better health:

1. Download the consultation form (save the file)
2. Fill out the form as best you can
3. Email it to: consultations[at]rootsupnutrition[dot]com

You will then receive a confirmation email along with a Paypal link for payment.


Many people experience difficulty losing weight on calorie restriction diets because the underlying metabolic and hormonal inhibitors of fat loss are ignored. Each weight loss program should be specifically tailored to an individual’s particular needs, likes and dislikes.

Through thorough investigation, the cause of your weight loss resistance will be determined and an appropriate weight loss program prescribed. Each program strives to have attainable goals and personal support mechanisms. There will be lots of delicious foods and meals to choose from. Exercise programs are strongly encouraged to help manage the all-important physical side of weight-loss.

Initial Consultation & 1st follow-up:
Proper goal setting, meal planning, recipe ideas as well as supplement recommendations will be the main focus of the initial consultation.  You will receive healthy meal and snack ideas and recipes along with further recommendations to meet your goals.  We will have a follow-up consultation two weeks later to measure your progress and answer any further questions you might have.

Price: $195*

Further follow-ups:
Do you need further help with any hurdles you may have encountered? Book another follow-up to work through any road-blocks you may have come across. 

Price: $70*


* Plus applicable taxes in Canada.
Nutritional supplements are an extra charge and are billed separately.